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About Funky Bumbags

Based in Yorkshire. 


With a new business idea and wanting a change of direction in a career in retail and with advancing years, the need for excitement was still bubbling. The crazy idea of trading at music festivals was born.

Funky Bumbags was created in 2012 with the idea of making Bumbags or Bum bags fashionable and their outlet was to be music festivals. The Americans call them fanny packs.

The owner Rick was convinced that he could make Bumbags have a return onto this scene and he admits the reason is rather sad, in that tent theft at festivals would be the catalyst in their rise in popularity.

Over the years though the market has broadened to dog walkers, Horse riders, runners, folk who needed to store vital medicines on themselves DJ’s and rappers to mention just a few. They were even used at Le Mans by a winning race team!

Now they’re incredibly popular and fashionable with the likes of Chanel, Nike, Adidas, Carhartt, Gucci and many you more household names having them in their latest ranges.

So what makes our Bumbags stand out? After years of experience we’ve refined them, made the straps wider for comfort, the quality of the clip buckles,   added new designs every year and we also do an extension belt that simple plugs in to make the waist bigger for those with extra girth or guys that workout with broad chests and want to wear it over their shoulder.


We’ve pretty much thought of everything for you.